My daughter loves raven, also has respiratory issues and enjoys diffusing at

night when she starts to get a tickle in her throat. Helps her get through the night. 

We also add it to her oil necklace to wear while at school to help throughout the day.

And we apply in her feet and back for added wellness. This is definitely my

daughter number one oil!! D.S. from MI

So I started using Valor – paired with Orange at first to help cover the smell. And little by little, I noticed a shift in my attitude. My worries diminished and I was able to just enjoy my time alone with my kids. Eventually, I started wearing Valor every day as my perfume because it just represented something so special to me. It represented strength and overcoming my fears. This may sound silly, guys, but I honestly have sentimental value attached to this oil for the way that it helped me. 

So just know that our brain is a powerful organ and the way that some of these aromas can influence the way our brain processes emotions is truly incredible L.S from N.Y 

Being a barre instructor/dancers my hips bother me pretty often. I like to mix two drops Copaiba, 2 drops peppermint, & 2 drops panaway in the palm of my hand and apply right on the point of pain. Instant relief! A carrier oil can be added ontop if you’d like! A.M, from NJ


I suddenly had the worst headache and felt nauseous last night and had to put myself to bed at 6:30! I’m down the shore so my oil stock is limited but luckily for me I had peppermint vitality and my tummy time roller.
Within 5 minutes I started to feel better. I sniffed the peppermint, put a drop under my tongue and then rolled my tummy time rolled on my stomach. (Copaiba, digize and peppermint) I’m not shocked that I felt better but shocked at how QUICKLY I felt better.
Wanted to share with you guys the recipe / what to do if this happens to you! C.M from NJ